A key part of the BJP’s election strategy in Uttar, which has seen it come close to the BJP in the last two Assembly elections, is its push to wrest the state from the BJP.

While the Congress is the main opponent in the Assembly polls, the BJP has a stronger presence in the state and has been seen to hold the balance of power in the legislature, where the ruling Congress has been in power for the past seven decades.

The party will contest the Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls from Varanasi, which is currently the seat of the ruling Samajwadi Party (SP), and will also contest from other places like Uttar Kasab, Thiruvananthapuram, and Jammu and Kashmir.

In a move that is sure to be seen as a blow to the Congress, the party will be seeking to challenge the BJP, which it has represented for decades.

The BJP has already been seen in the region, where it is the ruling party in several districts and has strong support in the states like Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

The move to contest from Varanais is likely to cause a stir in the regional political scene, which was already tense between the two parties after the 2014 assembly polls.

In a statement, the SP said that the BJP was the “enemy of the people” and that “it has failed to deliver justice and welfare to the poor and marginalised”.

It further said that “BJP and Samajveer Samaj are two parties which do not share our principles of justice and fairness and have no place in the BJP.”

The BJP has also faced criticism for its move to launch a campaign in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, which had a high percentage of Muslims.

A recent survey conducted by the Centre for Research and Development (CRD) showed that there was a high proportion of Muslims in Uttar in the 2011-12 period.

The poll has already given the BJP a clear advantage in the polls, with the party currently ahead of the Congress in the most important seats.

The BJP is hoping that the move to target Muslims in the UP election could help it to win seats in other states, which would help it in the coming Lok Sabha elections.

It is also hoping that it can help it gain ground in the upcoming Assembly elections in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.

The SP has said that it will be trying to woo voters from the neighbouring states, who are also seen to be crucial for the party in the next elections.