It’s been a year since the US president Donald Trump’s inauguration, but yoga guru and yoga teacher Shanti Giri Ashram, who was a vocal advocate for the alt-right, has returned to her ashram.

Ashram will hold a new event at Ashrama, an ashram located in the outskirts of Mumbai, on January 15.

According to the organizers, the event will include yoga, meditation, a book reading, a talk on “how to change the world,” and an evening of conversation.

“We’ve had a lot of interest from people wanting to meet us,” Ashram told The Verge.

“People are looking for something new.

We want to show the community that they can be part of something that is very important and that people care about.”

In November, Giri tweeted about a yoga class she was taking at her ashrams, which she said she would “absolutely be taking” if the venue didn’t already have a yoga room.

Ashrama’s opening event will be held on January 14, and will be the second time the ashram has hosted an event like this in the past year.

The first was in May, and Ashram was not available for comment at the time.

The ashram’s new event will coincide with Giri’s book launch on January 18.

Ashrams in India have been particularly popular for yoga and meditation.

The country is home to several yoga retreats and meditation retreats, including in the western city of Delhi.

As many as 25 million people in India use yoga as their primary mode of practice, according to a recent study by the Indian Association of Yoga Examiners.

As a result, yoga is becoming increasingly popular among young people, as well as across caste and income lines.

In February, the Indian government announced that yoga would be added to the National Day of Yoga, a national holiday celebrated by the government every year.