In January, the world’s largest ashram was set up in Kathmandu’s Kedarnath National Park.

Now the Nepali director who set up the ashram is getting the opportunity to bring in the film industry to his ashram.

Satsang Ashram, a film producer from Kathmandum, is working on a film about the life of a mother.

He told NDTV that he wanted to make a film in Nepal that would not only capture the culture and the history of the Ashram but also make the film an opportunity for filmmakers to be able to showcase the importance of their work.

“My parents taught me a lot of the basics of filmmaking,” said Satsang.

“So I wanted to bring the culture of the community that is important to me, and that is a very important part of the culture in Nepal.”

It’s the way the people live, the way they are treated, the culture that you see in films.

So when you see a film, you can see the way people are treated.

If you can show a mother and her daughter on the screen and you can capture that, you’ll see how important that is.

“Satsangs film about his mother is set to be released in 2019.

“And she was a great singer and musician. “

I had heard that there was a film that was about the family of a woman who died,” he said.

“And she was a great singer and musician.

I asked her if she could sing and play a song.

So she agreed and started singing, and we ended up filming the song.

And the film has come out.”

Pandit said that while his mother was an actress, he would love to work in the industry and said that he would like to have his own film to show the people of the world what Kathmandukan culture is.

“I’m very interested in filmmaking,” he told NDtv.

“Because we have to share what Kathakans culture is with the world.

I want to make my own film.

I have a good idea about the story.

I think this story of my mother will help in the way of spreading Kathakhan culture.”

Pandits mother is the only person from his family that survived the earthquake and has since been living in Kathakha.

“The idea came from my mother,” he added.

“It was very sad for her that her son was not there.

She didn’t know how to survive the earthquake, she didn’t have the skills to be an artist.

I’ve always loved cinema, and I thought I would share that with the people.

And I’m really proud to have this story that I can share with the film world.”