Ashram officials say they are adding two more campuses to the network that they built in their new village near the coastal city of Gandhinagar, in Gujarat state.

The new campuses, which will be opened later this month, will include one in the town of Gandhara, another in Pampore and a third in Gurgaon.

Ashram officials said that the expansion would allow the Ashram to expand its offerings to include yoga, meditation and yoga therapy, among other areas.

Gandhara’s Ashram was started by Ramdev in 1984 and was renamed after the founder.

The Ashram now has an enrollment of 1,400 students.

The village of Gandhar, located on the banks of the Ganges, is about 20 kilometres from Gandhinagiri in the state’s northern Gujarat.

The Ganga is a river that runs through the state and the state government has allocated a million dollars in subsidies for the construction of a dam on the river in Gandhar.