Bharat Ashram in Anandiburi, Uttar Pradesh, has been criticised for allegedly discriminating against women and discriminating against students of Dalit, Muslim, Christian and Sikh communities. 

The Ashram charges students from across the religious spectrum, from the lower castes to the upper castes.

It charges a monthly fee of Rs 50,000 for male students and Rs 50 for female students. 

It also charges Rs 1,000 per student for “cultural immersion” courses and a minimum fee of 50,0000 rupees ($1,500) for “charity” classes.

“A lot of people think this is a religious institution and therefore this institution is a religion,” student Arun Singh, 23, said. 

“If we are a non-practising Muslim, we can not be accepted to this institution, so we are not going to take it.

We are not ready to do it.

I am not ready for it. 

We cannot be treated like that,” he said.”

We will go to the police.

We will file a complaint with the law and we will do whatever we can to change the rules,” he added. 

Baba Rampuri Ashram is run by the Bharat Trust, which has been criticized by several groups, including the Dalit-dominated Bharat Ratna Samiti (BRAS), for its allegedly discriminating practices. 

According to the Trust, it has over 600 students who are enrolled in its “cultural programmes” that it offers. 

Dalit students in the Ashrams are also expected to abide by a strict code of conduct and abide by “minimal” standards of conduct. 

In a statement, the BRAS condemned the allegations made against the Ashran, which it said was “unfair and baseless”.

“It is sad that there is an issue like this with any religious institution.

But we need to be vigilant and make sure the institutions we are dealing with are not using the law to discriminate against anybody,” said Ram Kumar, a senior member of BRAS. 

Anandiburu has been the scene of violent protests by Muslims in recent years.

In 2013, more than 50 Muslims, mostly from the Dalits, were killed in clashes between Muslims and Christians. 

A few months later, the police registered a case against a Hindu man who allegedly vandalised a Christian mosque in Anandi. 

Since then, there have been numerous protests by the Dalitu community, demanding the closure of the Ashriks.