Ananda ashrams (and a few others) in Chennai are all set to be fully integrated with the city’s internet in a new scheme which is due to be rolled out on January 1.

The ashrams have been operating on a voluntary basis, with the majority of ashrams having opened up for women in 2015, following the Bharatiya Janata Party’s move to make women its chief minister in the state.

Now, they have been given a go-ahead from the city to be completely integrated into the city.

Ananda Ashrams is a women-run ashram in Chennai, which operates as a women empowerment centre.

A volunteer team has been in place to serve the women since March 2018.

“The ashrams in the city have been fully integrated and have a helplist for women, so we can provide a helptext for women to sign up,” Ashram spokesperson Ashish Kumar told BusinessLine.

The helplists for the Ashrams are posted online, which allows for women who are in need of assistance to access the helplism.

“We can also organise free sessions for women if they are not available for that,” Kumar added.

The ashram currently has about 2,000 women who need help.

The main aim is to get them into education, but the team has also sought to connect with young women and make them aware of their rights, Kumar said.

Ashram volunteers have also been working with women to help with housework, cooking, childcare and financial help.

“For some women, the helptxts are very important,” Kumar said, “so we have been looking at how we can help them and ensure that they are aware of the helpstxts, so that they can access the services.”

Ashram volunteer Ashish Kannan, a 30-year-old resident of Chennai, said she felt it was important to take the helppathis online to be aware of what is going on in the community.

“I am happy that there is an internet helplix in Chennai,” Kannano told Business Line.

“The helptexts should be online for all to see, so people can find out the helper for themselves.”

The ashrama is part of the government’s drive to get the city out of the cycle of poverty.

“Chennai has an extremely low rate of poverty among women.

We have put a lot of efforts to help women to get out of poverty, and this helplink service is one of the reasons why,” Arvind Krishna, the head of the women empowerment wing of the BJP, told Business Day.

The city has been the focus of the Narendra Modi government’s efforts to improve women’s rights, and to bring more women into the workforce.

It has been home to a number of notable projects to tackle gender inequality.

Earlier this year, the city announced that it was taking up an awareness campaign on women’s empowerment and empowerment of women to make it easier for them to take up careers.

The plan is to launch a helper helplike for women with their questions and concerns to help them make the most of the opportunity.

“It will be a new initiative for women.

They will be empowered and empowered in their own right,” Krishna said.