Anath ashrama is the main religious institution of the community of Amravati in West Bengal’s Amravatti district.

It was established in 1871.

The ashram was renamed Anath Baba Mahasaya in 1978.

A temple dedicated to Baba Mata Ramdev is located near the temple, as is a crematorium and a graveyard.

A school is located at a distance from the ashram.

The community of around 1,500 has a small cemetery.

In 2014, a group of students from the city’s Kolkata Institute of Technology launched a social justice movement called The Anath Students’ Union (ASU) to protect the ashrams and the surrounding area.

In May 2018, they moved to the court and sought an order banning the ashrama and all other religious and cultural activities from the district.

The court ordered a ban on the activities, but the ashravers have appealed.

“This was the first case against an ashrama in India and we are not the first to move the court to ban activities in an ashravat,” Ashoka Ramdev, the leader of the students, told The Indian Express.

“We are not against all the religious and culture in the area, but these activities are not conducive to the development of the area.”

The government has also asked the government-appointed guardians to look into the situation.

The state government is also taking action against religious leaders for their involvement in the activities.