This is a story about a man and his mosque.

 A couple of weeks ago, they were able to pay for a mosque in a community in northern Nigeria.

They have also been able to buy land.

The family of a man in the town of Bairaba is also using the money to buy a property.

The mosque in Bairab is located in the village of Juba, in the state of Borno. 

The village was built in the 19th century and was used as a trading post during the colonial period.

It was established in 1932 and has a population of around 300 people.

In 2005, it was bombed and set ablaze.

The mosque is a heritage site that is now being used as an educational facility.

The money they have been able get for the mosque is an extraordinary sum.

The owner of the property, Mr Ali, says the mosque had already been damaged during the bombing.

He is a well-known businessman in the area.

“We are looking for land.

I don’t know how to buy it.

We are looking to buy the land,” he told Vice News.”

We can’t afford it.

In the village, we can’t even afford to feed the animals.

So, we have been looking for the opportunity to buy this property,” he added.

A mosque in the Bairabi area is seen in Juba in Nigeria.

Mr Ali has been trying to get a loan from the local government to build the mosque, but they have not been able.

There is a church in the nearby village that houses the local community and the family has been working to rebuild it, but the church was destroyed in the bombing, the man explained.

“It’s been three years since we went to the village to rebuild the church, and the mosque was completely destroyed. 

But now we are able to rebuild and we are looking forward to building a mosque,” Mr Ali said.”

I don’t want to build a mosque that will burn down.

So we have already purchased land in the community and we will buy it from the village,” he said.

The village in Jubabari, in Borno State, Nigeria.

The community was founded in 1932, but its original buildings were destroyed during the war. 

Mr Ali said the mosque has been damaged by the bombing and has been in a state of disrepair for three years.

“The mosque was destroyed because of the bombing,” he explained.

Mr Ali believes the mosque will be able to survive with help from the community.

“If we can bring the community together and build a good mosque, then we can rebuild and have a good future,” he concluded.

“In the meantime, we will rebuild the mosque.

We will have enough land for the construction,” he warned.

Bairaba was destroyed during a civil war.

At the time, Mr Ahmed, the mosque’s owner, was a farmer and had little money.

His wife, Ali, was unable to pay her son-in-law and children.

After the war, the family of Mr Ahmed fled to the nearby town of Ndola.

Soon after, they built a mosque, which they had built for themselves and their neighbours.

However, their village was bombed in 1994.

Today, Mr Ahmad is one of the few remaining villagers still living there.

‘We can not afford it’A man who works for the local development authority, Mr Taimi, told Vice that the money they were getting is extraordinary.

“For three years we have tried to get some funds from the government.

But we were unable to get anything.

So this is our last hope,” he revealed.

Despite all of the financial difficulties, Mr Shifazi says he is optimistic about the future of the mosque and the community it serves.

“This mosque will serve the local people for generations to come.

We have to continue working for this mosque to serve the community,” he stated.

This article first appeared on Vice News