Month: November 2021

Why Tennessee’s ashram is worth $50M (and more)

Varkala Ashram in Tempe, Arizona, is a place for kids and families to enjoy yoga, yoga classes, meditation, and meditation studios, among other things.For $50 million, the Ashram built a $40 million building and added over 300 beds to the facility.The facility has also added a second floor of meditation and yoga studios, as well […]

What is a Hindu ashram?

By now, you’ve probably seen a picture of a temple or a temple-like structure in a Hindu country.In India, this is called a Hindu temple.In other countries, however, they are called shrines, or gurdwaras.A Hindu temple is a place of worship where devotees meet and make offerings of food, clothing, and other goods to the […]

How to start a volunteer ashram in India

If you want to start your own ashram and you’re not a resident of India, you should start a one-stop shop: Go to the ashram’s website and ask them to contact you, and ask if they can provide you with a place to stay.It’s not too difficult to get the answer from a volunteer.The ashram […]