Month: September 2021

How ashram helps heal aurobodhists

How aurotis heal and return to the path of enlightenment.Aurobindot’s Aurobodies ashram, a.k.a. the Aurodota Ashram, is an ashram for those who seek enlightenment.The ashram is located in Auroville in eastern Maharashtra and is one of the few places in India where one can retreat for a year without leaving the village or even the […]

‘Treaty of Goodwill’ will soon be cancelled: The Indian government says it will scrap the ‘treaty’ of goodwill between India and Pakistan

India is set to scrap the bilateral agreement between India, Pakistan and the United States which was signed in 1991, which was aimed at improving relations between the neighbours, the foreign ministry said on Wednesday.The announcement comes days after India and the US signed a deal for $100bn worth of infrastructure projects in Pakistan and […]

Which are the top 10 shaivites?

The Islamic Shaitan movement is the most popular shaivist movement in India, and it has the largest following in the country.Shaitans are followers of a form of Hinduism called Ashram, which is the belief that God is a person who resides in the body.According to a study by the Hindu Council of Social Science, more […]

Ashrama means a new place

It’s been a year since the US president Donald Trump’s inauguration, but yoga guru and yoga teacher Shanti Giri Ashram, who was a vocal advocate for the alt-right, has returned to her ashram.Ashram will hold a new event at Ashrama, an ashram located in the outskirts of Mumbai, on January 15.According to the organizers, the […]