Day: September 10, 2021

Which are the top 10 shaivites?

The Islamic Shaitan movement is the most popular shaivist movement in India, and it has the largest following in the country.Shaitans are followers of a form of Hinduism called Ashram, which is the belief that God is a person who resides in the body.According to a study by the Hindu Council of Social Science, more […]

Ashrama means a new place

It’s been a year since the US president Donald Trump’s inauguration, but yoga guru and yoga teacher Shanti Giri Ashram, who was a vocal advocate for the alt-right, has returned to her ashram.Ashram will hold a new event at Ashrama, an ashram located in the outskirts of Mumbai, on January 15.According to the organizers, the […]

Trump slams Congress over abortion bill

President Donald Trump blasted the House on Thursday for failing to pass his latest anti-abortion legislation, and he slammed Congress for failing in its duty to pass the bill.Trump tweeted that the Senate passed a watered-down version of the legislation Thursday.“Democrats, who have no respect for women, must go and give these bills a vote […]

What is Kochrab Ashram?

Kochrab ashram (also called Kochra) is the largest ashram in India.Located in the heart of the city of Mumbai, it was established by Kochrakash Singh Bajpai, the son of Maharaja Bahadur Singh.Its main purpose is to offer spiritual training to students from the lower castes.The ashram has been accredited by the Indian Council for Cultural […]