Month: August 2021

How to make money from yoga in a Santhiguri ashram

Santhi Gandhi Ashram, the largest yoga retreat in the world, has opened its doors to the public.The Santhibirdi Ashram is located in the city’s main business district, on the outskirts of the city, with a population of around 30,000 people.Its website says its mission is to provide yoga classes, meditation and yoga practice, “in a […]

How to celebrate Swami Ananda Ashram (Swami Joytinat) in Canada?

In Canada, a festival celebrating Swami Joytinianat (Swaminathanas) is being celebrated in various locations.There are festivals across Canada, including ones in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and other parts of the country.There is also a festival in the United States called Swami Shishapuram.These festivals celebrate the saints of SwamiAnandaAshram and the saints who follow them.Swami Anandamath was […]

When did we finally move to ashrams?

A new book has been published about the history of cities and how they have shaped people’s lives in the United States, but it is not one of the most well-known books out there.The new book by the authors, the co-founders of the website “The Urban Economist,” is called The Urban Economist: A New History […]

Valmiki: A Hindu temple in India has been vandalised

The Valmikis ashram in Ashulia, Uttar Pradesh, has been the subject of a sustained campaign of vandalism against the temple, which is also the official residence of its founder and the home of one of the temple’s founders.The vandalised temple has now been demolished, the Hindu community has announced.The vandalised Hindu temple has been demolished […]

How to get an ashram in Mumbai’s Kalinga area

Mumbai’s city-centre Kalingam has a small but well-known ashram.The ashram is home to the Shriners and many other faiths and rituals, as well as several temples and a handful of shrines.Its main purpose is to offer services for the elderly.It has a number of facilities, including a mosque, a large number of ashrams and a […]