Month: July 2021

Which states in Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania doesn’t allow sex education, the sex education department says

The Department of Education is trying to find a better way to teach sex education in Pennsylvania.According to an advisory issued by the department, sex education is not in compliance with Pennsylvania’s Sexually Violent Predators Prevention Act, which bans the teaching of “moral and ethical values of a sexual nature to children.”The department’s Sex Educators […]

What is a gurugram?

In a country where most people have only a basic knowledge of English, this is a huge challenge for those who want to enter the country. As you may have heard, gurudas are the oldest and most prestigious ashram in India.These are the institutions where the guru’s teachings are preserved for generations to come. In India, gurus […]

How to get a job at a Gandhi ashram in Gujarat

The government of Gujarat has a policy of not hiring from outside the state, but a new school run by the government of India in the state of Gujarat is being run by Indian nationals.Gandhi International School, located in the village of Budhanilakantha in the district of Gujarat, is a small, private school, run by […]