Month: July 2021

How to start a yoga retreat: Get a yoga teacher

The Ashram in Prayagraj in Maharashtra is the place where a yoga master is supposed to teach.In many places around the country, you’ll find similar yoga retreats, but few are as prestigious and expensive.But for many of us who find yoga to be a joy and a source of strength and happiness, we can’t live […]

Sunnis and Shia in a bid to save Kashmir’s economy

Anand Ashram, an influential Sunni Muslim cleric, is facing a backlash after it was revealed that he was in a religious meeting with some of the country’s biggest Shia clerics and activists on the sidelines of the Indian Muslim conference in Pakistan.Sunnis and Shiites, who have historically held different opinions in the region, are competing […]

What is Sadhguri Ashram in India?

India has one of the largest and oldest ashrams in the world, and is also home to several other centers.This article is based on interviews conducted by The Times India.The ashram is located in the outskirts of Calcutta, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, and offers a wide range of services, including yoga, meditation, yoga […]

When the ashram shut down, ashram ashram bhajan stopped by the Madhuban temple in Madhubani to take its place as the site of ashram for the temple

Ashram Bhajan, a small ashram in the capital of Madhya Pradesh state, is now closed after the central government shut it down because of religious extremism.The temple’s main building was moved to the temple complex in Bijapur.The Ashram was built in the 16th century.But the building, called the Ashram Bhajanshwar, was taken down because the […]

Which shaktehs in India are most likely to become ashrams?

An Ashram in the Punjab is often associated with religious purity and devotion.It is often referred to as the Maharsh Bharat in Hindi.It has become an important part of India’s social fabric and a hub of learning and spiritual practice.This is despite its low profile.But in a new documentary, The Ashram, Ashram’s founder and former […]