Which is better for your yoga?

Anath ashrama is a popular ashram in India and offers classes for students aged between 13 and 30.Its classes run from January to December.Its website claims to teach all levels of yoga, and offers lessons in basic yoga, advanced yoga, meditation, and yoga-related disciplines.The Ashram offers classes in different yoga styles, ranging from advanced yoga […]

Why Tennessee’s ashram is worth $50M (and more)

Varkala Ashram in Tempe, Arizona, is a place for kids and families to enjoy yoga, yoga classes, meditation, and meditation studios, among other things.For $50 million, the Ashram built a $40 million building and added over 300 beds to the facility.The facility has also added a second floor of meditation and yoga studios, as well […]

What is a Hindu ashram?

By now, you’ve probably seen a picture of a temple or a temple-like structure in a Hindu country.In India, this is called a Hindu temple.In other countries, however, they are called shrines, or gurdwaras.A Hindu temple is a place of worship where devotees meet and make offerings of food, clothing, and other goods to the […]

How to start a volunteer ashram in India

If you want to start your own ashram and you’re not a resident of India, you should start a one-stop shop: Go to the ashram’s website and ask them to contact you, and ask if they can provide you with a place to stay.It’s not too difficult to get the answer from a volunteer.The ashram […]